The New Yorker October 30, 2023

Tech Skeptics

A live show where you debate, then smash technology. It’s important to consider the assistance certain technology provides us.

Needle & Thread

Michael A. Cummings is a quilt artist. The way he thinks about fabrics reminds me of Becky.

“I might get a half yard,” he thought aloud.

“Can I see what a half a yard looks like?” he asked the shopkeeper. Looking down at it unfurled, he sighed. “I’ll take a yard,” he said. “See what you made me do?”

Runner’s Fancy

This is how I think about running. It makes me excited to get back to it!

“My Name Is Barbra,” Excerpted

Brilliant excerpts from Barbra Streisand’s new book, centred round an anecdote about Donald Trump.

I thoroughly recommend this quick read.

Needful Things

A story about silicone in Spruce Pine, North Caroline, and The Six Raw Materials That Shape Modern Civilisation. This story lists them all, and makes you think about the environmental future that lies ahead.

China’s Age of Malaise

It’s hard to imagine what people my age go through as young professionals in China. A wild cultural revolution, booms of construction, wealth, and abundance flowing in, then straight through to a future that contradicts the progress that came before.


I know who 2Pac is, but I had never really heard his music properly. From Keep Ya Head Up, to Brenda’s Got a Baby, 2Pac is a thoughtful and caring story teller.

Marriage Plot

Devorah Baum seems to be doing good things in the secular marriage space.

I was most interested in the comedic documentaries made together with her husband, Josh Appignanesi; The New Man (2016), and Husband (2022). However, they’re hard to find, and the reviews don’t look that good, but the trailers don’t look that bad.

Both the book and films look incredibly personal and human; faults and all.

Life After Calvin

I had read a Hacker News post about Bill Watterson, but it never lead me to a desire for Calvin and Hobbes.

Now, I have one.

I’ve put a Calvin and Hobbes book on my [[Books|reading list]], and I’m interested in The Mysteries.