Dan has reminded me that we don’t need alarms. We really shouldn’t have alarms.

Instead of trying my hardest to go to sleep, then ambitiously trying my hardest to wake up because I want to do things; Dan has reminded me to wake, when I wake.

Comparing wishfully thinking 9pm-6am, with the reality of 11pm-7am, I will extend further, and only rely on my alarm if I do not wake; 9:30pm-7am.

Everyone has experienced a morning where they’ve been stirred from their sleep just before their alarm goes off.

It feels horiffic; like you’ve spectacularly failed at a night’s sleep.

Often we think of this as being robbed of a few minutes’ sleep, or not completing a night like we thought we would.

Your body knows what time it is. Your body knows when to wake up.

Trust it.

Update: 9:30pm-6:30am; only wear my watch to bed, read a book.