Bird or owl?

Maria Konnikova is writing about ‘Moral Mornings’.

I remember reading about Early Birds and Night Owls with their circadian rhythms and chronotypes in Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.

As an introvert I’ve always appreciated late nights for their stillness and quiet. However, living as a working and married adult, I am pushed to other areas to find stillness. This has lead me to focused efforts to fall asleep early, rewarded with the enjoyment of waking up to a still world in the early mornings.

In my case it was my inner need that changed me from a night owl to an early bird. But some encourage embracing your chronotype for stronger cognition.

In my working life I would like think as a night owl; my job has the flexibility. But unfortunately my world does not.

At heart, I may still be a night owl, but that won’t stop me from finding stillness at other times.