Update: What if you were to comment on everything?

Answer: Constant thinking about comments, avoidance of short videos, and eventual cease of all commenting.

I thought this would be an experiment in 'endurance commenting'. Turns out, it was an opportunity for growth.

I never commented up until recently. It was terrifying! Publicly acknowledging you've seen something, and sharing your opinion? No way.

I wouldn't even comment on friends Instagram posts.

From commenting on everything, I've seen they can bring delight to the creator and the viewer, they give you a sense of outward contribution, and they build people up!

But if you're not careful, they can also bring people down.

A negative comment is ten times louder than a positive comment.

Even if your post is a sea of positivity, one pinch of negativity can send you in a downward spiral.

So I encourage you; go out there! Give someone a comment!

And make sure it brings, encouragement, delight, and positivity.