New favourite apps

Play for YouTube videos, HiCoffee for caffeine tracking, and honourable mentions; Debit & Credit, Callsheet, updated Les Mills, GoodLinks.

While moving my blog posts to Ghost, I felt inspired to update the apps I recommended to Dan a few months ago.

My two favourite and most used apps at the moment are Play, and HiCoffee.

Play is a paid app by Marcos Tanaka for saving and playing YouTube videos. It has a Channels Inbox ($) for subscriptions, and the ability to play videos embedded, so you get an ad-free experience, with minimal algorithmically suggested videos. It's practically as good as the original YouTube app for iPhone OS.

HiCoffee is a caffeine tracker by Gong Zhang. It's designed with fun device physics, while also providing helpful graphs and data, all for free. Calculating the metabolic rate and half-life of caffeine can be challenging, but HiCoffee makes it feel easy, with data you can trust.

Honourable mentions: