I have been gifted with the desire for writing, and making a short film again.

I also recently listened to Christopher Nolan on Scriptnotes (via Daring Fireball), which may have helped.

Nimic is so simple in its concept, and leaves so much space for visuals. There is very little dialogue, yet it is undoubtably Yorgos Lanthimos.

The static nature of the camera, with the design of sets and prop trinkets inspires me to create a story from nothing. A story doesn’t have to be anything at all, just a sequence of ideas to understand.

Shot A + Shot B = Idea C

Write something; anything. Write a story about the opposite of anything. Write a story about nothing.

When I think about Nimic, I think about the equipment I have to make a film. I think about my camera, my restrictive lens, my lapel microphones, and my tripod. There is really nothing more you need to start.

The start really comes by writing. Write, and create something worth reading and understanding.. Then start casting. Next, is filming, then by the time you’re on set, you’ll be ready for the last step; editing.

Nimic is so simple and short, yet it reveals such inspiration from within.