Panic’s ‘SLOWBIZ’ with Playdate

I’ve been inspired by this session by Cabel Sasser on his company Panic, and developing the Playdate.

As everything was falling apart, this quote from his kid got me:

“You’re gonna find a way to fix this. You’ve been working on this for so many years and you’ve fixed so many problems. The world won’t let you stop here.”

That 10 year old really did… cook.

I aspire to work hard and make things in front, and for my own family. I can’t way to show my kids what it means to make things, encourage others when they need it, and receive encouragement themselves.

One day I’d like to work for a company that is not seen as a ‘Garbage Tech Company’. Maybe something smaller with a team who actually knows each other, who are happy, and enjoy what they do. Maybe even a fully local team. Wouldn’t that be crazy.

But like Cabel says, “we all do what we have to do.” For now, I will understand the market I am in, the company, and the vision of the leadership. One day it would be nice to focus on people, and making great things. But today I will focus on the stock ticker, and ‘number go up’.

via philips on Hacker News