Your two favourite apps

Dan is asking about favourite apps.

My two favourite apps at the moment are iA Writer, and right now I’m really enjoying Threads.

iA Writer has long been a favourite app for writing anything in plain text; from blog posts to CVs, website copy, and more. It’s an incredibly simple app with hidden advanced features, like wikilinks and task lists. I use it for writing blog posts in markdown, then dragging the text file to my blog folder which uploads it to where it’s published at

Threads is a new favourite, mostly due to its algorithm. Utilising the ‘hide’ button has made coming back to Threads in the past weeks a great experience. It’s nice to have an app to open when everyone else is on their phones.

Honourable mentions:
–  Debit & Credit, for tracking expenses and our financial future
–  Infuse, for playing movies from our SMB server with nice metadata
–  Reeder, for RSS feeds and reading articles